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All the great successful people in the world today did some form of visualization. And a vision board is one of the most powerful manifestation tools to date in my opinion. By Edward Litors on Looking so Kumbh Mela of is wonderful, the power of a faith like that, that can make multitudes upon multitudes of the old and weak and the young and frail enter without hesitation or complaint upon such. By on Nice work done agree with you that positive affirmation can lift your life up decide your goal before you start something.

Keep sharing love all your ideas. Only a supremely powerful intellect could pierce of veil of hypnotic deception to bring the truth to the teeming masses of smooth-brained mouthbreathers that we all must be. Such courage and mental prowess in the mind of a single person. Thank you so much for attempting to free me of my mental prison of hypnotic malaise.

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By Matt on By gframesch on By Annie on Posted Advanced Search. The work you have done is wonderful!. Thanks a lot. Best for you By joseph on More advanced students should remember that interpretations of texts vary. Canonical philosophy texts from EServer. Online Philosophical Texts Note that other areas of the site are deemed unsuitable for academic research by the author.

Dharma The Cat : Philosophy With Fur

See here for details. Philosophical Research PhilPapers The place to search for work in philosophy. PhilEvents A new sister site listing philosophical events and calls for papers. PhilJobs Another recent addition to the family listing jobs for philosophers. Philosophical Amusements Various sites provide philosophical amusements, puzzles and activities of various kinds.

Brain Pickings collects various items of interest from around the web including animated thought experiments, philosophy in action comics, and philosophical artwork. The book may be viewed online or purchased as hard copy at least for 6 more days according to the banner i.

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Information about the game is available at Choose your own philosophy adventure. Who would you kill? I had problems actually watching the videos embedded on the PBS site but no problems watching them in situ on the YouTube site. Life In Our Galaxy This is the site of a comic book about the abortion debate. Only the first chapter is available online.

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