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Cigarette smoking being glamorous, women in mostly subservient roles to men.

But still a very good story. Because of the deepness of the narrator's voice it was sometimes hard to understand, but overall a very enjoyable listening experience. Did the narration match the pace of the story? Yes, the narrator did a very good job. Spoiler: in some science fiction setting, all women are throwing themselves at the 'most interesting man in the world.

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Very disappointed with this. I'm a big fan of Niven and Pournelle's other work, especially the Mote books. So I expected more great writing and big ideas here.

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Instead, it's a story that could've been taken from a John Wayne western from the 's. You've got the gruff, inarticulate, manly-man hero, the strong supportive women, the one token ethnic guy in an otherwise all-white cast, and of course an evil monster that they can all fight and try to destroy. And you've got to wonder, what exactly was the process that resulted in all these not-too-bright, selfish, hormone-driven, extremely flawed individuals end up getting chosen to crew a zillion-dollar interplanetary starship?

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I slogged through the whole thing, but kept hoping it would be over soon so I could move on to something better. The characters sounded and felt like they were taken straight from a Lazarus Long story You won't waste a single second listening to this book, again and again and again. Well written and action packed. An ecological horror story with credible aliens and believably naive colonists.

The Legacy of Heorot

I first read The Legacy of Heorot, shortly after it was published and was captivated. I returned to it recently as an audible book and found it holds up well, 30 years later. It's a science fiction novel with roots deeply sunk in in the classic Nordic tale of Beowulf. As good for newcomers as for old fans of Nivens univers. The authors managed to write a story which can stand totally for itself and is by no means repeating any old story or facts. Votre titre Audible gratuit The Legacy of Heorot. In this updated tale, Avalon is populated by a select group of volunteer space pioneers in the 21st Century.

Each person possesses at least two skills crucial to the construction and maintenance of civilization. Apart from the presence of two moons, a bluer sky and a heavier gravity, Avalon appears almost absurdly comfortable.

The Legacy of Heorot (novel)

Very quickly, their foolish trust in the foreign environment results in deadly pandemonium. Predictably, there appear the futuristic equivalents to Grendel and his mother. The safety of the colony is threatened in the most graphic terms, as small animals begin to disappear, leaving signs of terrible carnage in their wake.

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Cadmann is suddenly in favor again. All the technology that these elite scientists can muster is summoned to defend themselves and their territory. Led by Cadmann, horrific battles are fought, leaving the colonists victorious, but decimated. Bestselling science fiction superstars Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle combine their talents with those of Steven Barnes in an extraordinary adventure of humankind's first outpost in the farthest reaches of space.

Light years from Earth, colonists land on a planet they name Avalon. It seems like a paradise—until native creatures savagely attack. It will take every bit of intelligence, courage, and military-style discipline to survive.

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