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Truthful people relate all the facts without fear of legal or social consequences. Honest people do not think in terms of proof: They know that no evidence exists because they did not do what the speaker accused. Deceptive people know proof of their deception exists but the speaker has not yet discovered sufficient evidence to support the accusation. Answering a question with a question is a huge red flag indicating the possibility of deception.

Honest people make direct denials. Prepare to defend yourself. In doing so, the accused buys time to press a counterattack or prepare a believable story. Deceptive people often claim lack of memory as a way to cover the truth. This defense sets two traps for dissemblers:.

Common responses that should not be ignored

First, in order to not remember what you did, you must first have an extant memory of the event. By definition, to not remember something you must have initially stored the information in your memory. The lack of memory indicates that the memory is stored in the brain but that the person cannot retrieve it. Honest people strive to do anything they can to retrieve the memory of an event. Deceptive people do not want to reveal remembered information for fear of revealing the truth. The second trap is similar.

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Logically, how can a person say he or she does not remember doing something when they have no memory of the event? People use these words and phrases all the time and they are not always indicators of deception. When you stated, " When people do lie to you -and they will - looking for red flags indicating deception may come in handy. Remember, one person's garbage is another person's treasure. I am in a court battle.


Defendant says I plaintiff did in fact run my car from the autowash to the vacuum bays. I say I immediately left without inspecting my car. Video shows me getting out in the vacuum bay, throwing a can away, and then leaving. I said, "I don't remember doing that.

How to know if your partner is lying - INSIDER

I find that very troubling for a PhD. Makes me think you are trying to somehow swindle me. But maybe that's the point The entire article is a red flag! But what is the deception I bet you never even attended college. I doubt you were even born. If this was an exact science why isn't it used in the court room?

I would come closer to agreeing with some sort of facial recognition than this. I guess you didn't read the first paragraph where I clearly wrote that the red flag signals are not an exact science. I actually like some of your other work but by throwing it out there we should welcome constructive criticism.

If it isn't an exact science, it can't be theoretical because you can't achieve the same outcome every time. If you can't expect the same outcome every time, what percentage of the time would you say that what you posted could produce an expected outcome? What you wrote may have some relevance in a court room if you were really that good at reading those "signals" but even our judicial system is far from perfect as depends on who can sway the jury. OJ is still looking for the real killers to this day. I would like to ask you if you would be comfortable using these techniques without looking at any evidence and determine if someone is guilty of a capital offense by asking them a few questions and watching for the signs you mentioned.

Could you condemn a man to suffer the death penalty with that alone? DNA is not perfect either because of human error but it is still theoretically valid. No one ever seems to contest a paternity test. For example 3: I've had two girlfriends who blamed me for doing things that I first of all didn't do, but also didn't even make sense. Of course I start by saying that I didn't do that, but there's not much more to say about that so my focus shifts to why they think I did it, and failing to come up with any possible scenario where someone would do such a thing I end up asking "Why would I do that?

Or 5: one of those girlfriends also accused me of very detailed things from months ago. I honestly didn't remember the exact details, so I told her that I don't remember doing that and that I actually don't believe that I did that, at least not like she's describing it, because it's not a thing I would do. And regarding 1: A person might leave out details that they honestly believe are irrelevant to the issue at hand. I might leave out that I took out the trash at the same time I went to the store, because it seems like an irrelevant detail. And speaking of irrelevant details, some liars will swamp the listener with irrelevant details when trying to hide something.

Honest people can bore you to tears repeatedly, on many impromptu occasions, with the exact same, tedious details. This is a junk article with a lot of suppositions and no evidence to support it. Psychology Today, I rely on your integrity. But your articles are often fluff and nonsense. Get it together! It's not Psychology Today. All that is required is that you be a licensed practitioner in the field and can be validated as such. I believe some commentors here don't understand what "probability" means.. If someone gets a paternity test does it come back and say, you are probably the father.


Does a doctor tell you that you are "probably" having a heart attack before He opens you up? Psychology is a science and if we are stating probabilities then we might as well welcome "correlation". Yes, paternity tests can only tell you the "probability of paternity," And if you're having a heart attack, the doctor definitely isn't just going to start cutting you up. They're going to use the defibrillator and if you wake up, they'll know it was a problem with your heart. In the summer as Road Rage increases, snow cone stands start opening and sales rise exponentially. One could make a graph and make the argument that because of correlation, snowcones are the cause of rising road rage.

Correlation may not be a dirty word and should be looked at but it is clearly not "Causation". As far as your post regarding heart attack, are you saying that a doctor using a defibrillator is common practice in all heart attacks? Our DNA and our Personalities our character, our integrity, our morals and our ethics, our self-control, self-accountability and ability to practice introspection are not in the same scientific fields. And to be so enraged by this article's generous sharing of intuitive wisdom, is odd I already intuitively knew all of the things the writer of this article shared.

Maybe it's because I grew up with a father who lied about everything, and as a survival instinct I had to learn how to detect deception at a fairly young age. Psychology is not a "perfect science". Not even Science is. They have been tested again and again and have concluded with the same outcome over and over again. They are theories because they are tested with the best methods that are available to us at this time.

Theoretical truth can not be proven wrong. Maybe someday with new testing techniques but not now. Here's some additional information I was looking at a site called futurism under hypothesis theory or law. It discusses the different levels of scientific proof. While its a great system that has opened so many knowledge doors for us, I do not hold to it as the end all be all of knowing everything.

Socrates' fame was for recognizing his ignorance. I respect what you wrote but I do not concur. I think science has a good idea of where crushes, love, etc. More than just parts of our brain. I'm not a cell phone specialist but I would like to think it works because I feel as if I am talking to someone when I call them. I cant actually go inside the phone and follow the signal to the towers, repeaters, to the other persons phone and hear how loud my voice is if they have me on speaker but I can arrange a meeting and when I show up, I see them there.

There is cause and effect.

How to Tell If Someone Is Lying: 20 Tells and Clues (Ranked in Ascending Order of Reliability)

Same respect but neither do I concur with what you say. Socrates also recognized what he did know. I merely said love defies scientific proof at least in part and having a good idea where emotion originates from in the brain may explain some factors but there are no laws that have been scientifically proven. Science uses hypotheses, theories, and laws as their tools for understanding and making sense of things.

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  • I think even Socrates as you say knowing his own ignorance is like scientists who realize they may never get all the answers but it doesn't keep them from trying. Along the way we do get good advancements. At one time doctors used blood letting to "heal" and now loss of blood is seen as "anemia". I love it. You have to change your username to respond? I think you are the one that doesn't understand what probability means. That's why on the Maury Povich he doesn't say "Joerg you are probably the father". He either says that you are or you aren't.

    Even a silly talk show doesn't use probability regarding paternity test. Hopefully you have the skill set to understand that this is an exceptional probability that can be used in a court of law, to make you pay child support. Why would I do that? Doesn't really apply. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, with gaslighting and all the other wonderful mechanisms.

    When accused, after denying that I'd done something I was sure I hadn't done, the conversation usually went this way. I wanted to know what prompted my ex-SO to think I did whatever I was accused of. In a regular person I agree that it is a strange question. Are you accusing me? It's a valid question in most accusatory situations. It seeks to establish that the perceived accusation is actually an accusation and not a wrong assumption.

    I don't remember doing that. When gaslighted and accused of doing something, an abused person who has already been brought to doubt themselves will usually give this answer. Even a regular person would answer this if told that they did something by a person they trust. What justifications do you come up with for it? What do those justifications tell you about your underlying truth? Be prepared for the ego to run you through a guilt trip, through fears of lack, through uncertainty and remorse.

    If you commit to seeing the project through, finish it as quickly and thoroughly as possible and then wash your hands of it or anything similar in the future. Be kind, be honest, and move on. Your truth is worth facing a little fear for. Her offerings blend cutting-edge neuroscience with trauma healing AND playful adventure to create powerful and lasting results.

    Lola's a Communication Empath. What kind of Empath are you? Probably much longer than that. I have moments of lucidity, of knowing the truth… only to see it disappear around the next corner. Guilt, fear, scarcity mentality kicks in. I allow myself to be misled. I listen to others about what I should do. I want nothing more than to live authentically and with joy, owning my power and do amazing work. I love you for your your bravery in this confession, Kat. Sending so much love. Thank you, Lola! I love you for all that you do.

    This alone lifts the veil a little more and I catch glimpses of my inner truth. Your writing truly touches my soul. Yes, the lies.

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    It can, and should be an evolving entity to some extent. Some lucky people stumble into nirvana at an early age, and more power to them with envy for sure!!! Seek out intelligent old people who still have an open mind and are still learning. At 60, 70 and older age. Old is not enough, they have to show intelligence and still have an open mind to learn more.

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    • I am 62 years old. I was raised in the booming golden time of this Country. After the war. I know what it was like for a Father, who worked in a factory, to raise 4 kids with the woman at home raising the kids. Never wanting for anything. An actual glorious time when compared to todays society. For you to question your place, or your direction, or your understanding of what the Fuck is going on is actually a great sign.

      And there are massive things going wrong that need to be addressed by the so called adults in charge. And soon.!! So your instincts are correct. In the moment? Is it in the moment? Truly deep, and mostly depressing subjects, but if your goal is to live in a true and natural way then these topics must be addressed head on and DECIDED. For if you choose to compete in the current jungle, you WILL become an animal. Really got carried away with my initial intended comments, but they are so on the money that here they are.

      With only Good Intentions.