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Ongoing Research. Implemented Projects. Dimitri Uznadze Institute of Psychology. Institute of Ecology. Conservation and Ecology of Large Mammals. Quantitative and Evolutionary Ecology Program. High Mountain Ecology Program. Georgian Biodiversity Database.

Family Demography

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Education & Career

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Study for General knowledge Sociology (Social Demography)

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Other Subject Areas

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Social Demography Area | U-M LSA Sociology

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Teaching and Teacher Education, 43, Boffin, N. Falls among older general practice patients: a 2-year nationwide surveillance study. Family Practice, 31 3 , Thematically, an important focus of the social demography program is how gender, age, race, family origin, and historical or cultural contexts shape individual lives and opportunities. Methodologically, social demographers typically use quantitative research methods, including the analysis of survey data, but are increasingly incorporating ethnographic and other qualitative approaches into their research.

The primary objective of the social demography program is to train graduate students to be outstanding researchers and educators. Specifically, the program is designed to produce fully trained sociologists with broad knowledge in population studies and highly skilled in statistical and demographic techniques, and who can undertake independent research on a wide range of population topics. Housed in both the Sociology Department and the Population Studies Center a research center within the Institute for Social Research , sociology graduate students in the program are exposed to an interdisciplinary research environment with participating students and faculty from departments of economics, public health and anthropology.

This apprenticeship is supplemented by a variety of other formal and informal activities; these include a weekly "brown bag" seminar series as well as a bimonthly Student Research Forum in which students discuss their research, present their dissertation prospectus ideas, present work in progress, and practice formal presentation of conference papers or job talks.