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The progress of ants from this relatively primitive state to the complexity of the most finely tuned superorganisms leaves no doubt that the progress of human evolution has largely followed a path taken by the ants tens of millions of years earlier. Beginning as simple hunter-gatherers, some ants have learned to herd and milk bugs, just as we milk cattle and sheep. There are ants that take slaves, ants that lay their eggs in the nests of foreign ants much like cuckoos do among birds , leaving the upbringing of their young to others, and there are even ants that have discovered agriculture.

These agricultural ants represent the highest level of ant civilization, yet it is not plants that they cultivate, but mushrooms. Check it out here. Update: The new location for the tabs is pretty disorienting so far. The separation of the tabs from the page content is also causing me problems. A fascinating article from the March issue of Vanity Fair describes how The Godfather got made, even though the producers, the real-life Mafia, Frank Sinatra, and Paramount executives all fought against it.

Anyone but Brando, who, at 47, was perceived as poison. His recent pictures had been flops, and he was overweight, depressed, and notorious for causing overruns and making outrageous demands. Brando emerged from his bedroom in a kimono, with his long blond hair in a ponytail. As Coppola watched through the camera lens, Brando began a startling transformation, which he had worked out earlier in front of a mirror. You see him rolling up Kleenex and stuffing it into his mouth. Then he takes a jacket and rolls back the collar the way these Mafia guys do. Coppola took the test to Bluhdorn.

Update: The residents of Los Pinos, Colombia use a zip line to get across a foot-deep gorge every day. Each rider brings her own pulley, rope, and piece of wood to act as a brake. In a car crash involving a modern vehicle, everything happens before the occupant is even aware of the collision. It is still working out the severity of the crash. Door intrusion structure begins to absorb energy. When the money dries up, so too do the plans for tall buildings by big-name architects. In the late s, a number of buildings in NYC were scrapped in the planning stage or built significantly lower than planned.

Maybe the problem is with your thinking. Low-light sensitivity? Your point-and-shoot may only be noisy at ISO and below, but these guys were working with things like Kodachrome 25, eight times worse. From the recent TED conference, a demo of Siftables , blocks that are smart. Hear, hear. These poignant end titles, which show humans and robots flourishing on a revived Earth, offer a quick history of art, from cave paintings to van Gogh.

They then proceed to retell the entire movie, this time in the pixelated style of old video games. We won! PepsiCo is reverting to the old Tropicana OJ containers. The about-face comes after consumers complained about the makeover in letters, e-mail messages and telephone calls and clamored for a return of the original look. David Wertheimer notes that the decoration of the packaging was not the main issue, the design was:. What I love is Tropicana juice. And the new packaging made it hard for me to buy it. My preference was hidden in small type; the cartons no longer differentiated on the shelves.

It took me longer to shop, and twice this winter I went home with the wrong juice. Michael Lewis talks a little about his writing process. I believe that you visit the muse. The SmartSwitch is a replacement for a standard light switch that becomes more difficult to turn on when power usage is high in the household or on the grid as a whole. Equipped with a network connection and a brake pad, the switch provides its user with tactile feedback about the amount of energy being used either within their household or by the electrical grid as a whole.

SmartSwitches can be programmed to respond to either personal or communal electrical usage. In a home wired with SmartSwitches, lights can become harder to turn on during hours of peak demand. The switches can also be customized to reflect household-specific energy conservation goals. That is really clever. I want the same thing for my computer…e. He got four out of six , missing Penelope Cruz for best supporting and Sean Penn for best actor. I, however, am one for one with my Nate Silver predictions. The Big Picture collected a bunch of photos of people at work , spinning silk yarn, on a shoe assembly line, sanding and buffing an Oscar statue, checking flour-making equipment, inspecting cigars, assembling model trains, and making toilet bowls.

I Love You Forever and Always is a collection of scanned love letters and other notes written to a boy called Jon by various girls in the mids. This could be really useful as a cross between bug tracking software, Wikipedia, Poynter , and something like Get Satisfaction. Peter Miller has done a number of projects that involve directly exposing Polaroid instant film.

Static Fields :. These Polaroids were illuminated by their own electrocution. They are cameraless images, which are immediate records of the bolts of electricity that passed through them. My brother helped me catch these, we let them loose on the Polaroids in the basement. Polaroids are positives. This is a record of lightning bug dance-steps. Look closely and you can see the shadows of their legs. Polaroids are removed from their case in a darkroom, laid flat and exposed as a single, light sensitive array.

After writing The Cat in the Hat in using only words, Dr. Seuss bet his publisher that he could write a book using only 50 words. Seuss collected on the wager in with the publication of Green Eggs and Ham. Here are the 50 distinct words used in the book:. From a programming perspective, one of the fun things about Green Eggs and Ham is because the text contains so little information repeated in a cumulative tale , the story could be more efficiently represented as an algorithm. A simple loop would take the place of the following excerpt:. I do not like them in a box.

I do not like them with a fox. I do not like them in a house. I do not like them with a mouse. I do not like them here or there. I do not like them anywhere. I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I am. The NY Times has a story of four Congressmen living in what sounds like a frat house. While one shelf of the fridge is stocked with beer, the majority of its contents are condiments — mustard, mayo, black bean dip, Kraft Parmesan. Although the pantry contains Costco-size boxes of Barilla penne and jars of Classico tomato sauce, little actual cooking takes place.

His daughter Jessica, 17, remembers finding the same package of frozen French fries in the freezer three years after spotting them on her first visit to the house. Update: The Times wrote a sequel to the above story in The glasses work on the principle that the more liquid pumped into a thin sac in the plastic lenses, the stronger the correction.

Silver has attached plastic syringes filled with silicone oil on each bow of the glasses; the wearer adds or subtracts the clear liquid with a little dial on the pump until the focus is right. Silver hopes that his glasses will help those in developing countries who cannot afford glasses with ground lenses.

Critics pilloried the anti-erotic ridiculousness of the orgy, with its funereal organ music and self-sacrificing hookers and mass-like rituals involving cloaked high priests and great plumes of incense. Overall, is still my favorite movie year. Quite a year. Tom took these rules for a gunfight and adapted some of them to other contexts. Eating Contest: 8. If you are not chewing, you should be swallowing, communicating, and running.

Cops will come with the Fire Department, sirens often scare off the sea gulls, or at least cause then to lose concentration and will…. Have you ever noticed that the rear side window on a BMW has a small design element that hooks back toward the front of the car?

Rather than having the rear side window extend all the way down as might be expected, it angles back toward the front of the car. Yeah, me either, but apparently all BMWs have it. Other carmakers have copied the Kink to make certain models appear luxury. In Germany in the s, towns, banks, and companies printed their own money called notgeld. Notgeld was mainly issued in the form of paper banknotes. Sometimes other forms were used, as well: coins, leather, silk, linen, stamps, aluminium foil, coal, and porcelain; there are also reports of elemental sulfur being used, as well as all sorts of re-used paper and carton material.

A look at the murder statistics shows that you were less likely to be killed in the notorious cowboy towns of the s and 80s than in NYC today. In Abilene, Ellsworth, Wichita, Dodge City, and Caldwell, for the years from to , there were only 45 total homicides. This equates to a rate of approximately 1 murder per , residents per year.

Paul Boutin shares a number of low-tech fixes for high-tech problems. Suppose your remote car door opener does not have the range to reach your car across the parking lot. Hold the metal key part of your key fob against your chin, then push the unlock button. The trick turns your head into an antenna, says Tim Pozar, a Silicon Valley radio engineer. With all the fluids in your head it ends up being a nice conductor. Not a great one, but it works. Roger Ebert offers a loving remembrance of his friend and colleague Gene Siskel on the 10th anniversary of his death. We both thought of ourselves as full-service, one-stop film critics.

We had been linked in a Faustian television format that brought us success at the price of autonomy. No sooner had I expressed a verdict on a movie, my verdict, than here came Siskel with the arrogance to say I was wrong, or, for that matter, the condescension to agree with me. It really felt like that. It was not an act. When we disagreed, there was incredulity; when we agreed, there was a kind of relief.

We just had it, because from the day the Chicago Tribune made Gene its film critic, we were professional enemies. We never had a single meaningful conversation before we started to work on our TV program. Alone together in an elevator, we would study the numbers changing above the door. Writer Gay Talese recently helped a few panhandlers out with their signs.

Enemies, A Love Story

I found photos on Flickr of a couple of panhandlers who have been using other Obama messages e. Fun timelapse video of a day in the life of the Abbey Road crosswalk depicted on The Beatles album of the same name. Unused shipping containers were piled up at a storage depot in Hong Kong Wednesday. Perhaps people will be living in those stacks of containers before too long.

And by then, he was dressing for the occasion. As helpful salesclerks retrieved sneakers from the stockroom, he whisked the ones he wanted under a couch and played a kind of shell game with display models and shoeboxes. When he was caught, he pleaded down the petit-larceny charges to disorderly conduct, until a judge finally got fed up and sent him to Rikers Island for the first time, on a ten-day sentence. The film covers information theory, language, feedback, etc. The idea behind Democratic Chess is that the pieces, in collaboration with the players, decide where to move.

Each piece communicates with the others through built-in cameras, microphones, and speakers. Democratic Chess is Chess game where each figure is made of an IP-WLan-network camera each capable of looking arround, listening and talking to the other figures as well as the 2 real person players. With this technology there are many different ways how to play the Game, the next move can be decided in a democratic way among the Figures or they are allowed to discuss with the players and each other the next moves, but at the End the 2 player make the moves.

Perhaps Democratic Chess will crush the evil dictatorial tyranny of the chess player once and for all. The full report is here in PDF format. You may want to break out the bong for this one. Seuss, and John F. The videos were done by two different directors at around the same time, which probably means that neither originated it. Does anyone know what the Patient Zero is for this technique? Update: Aha, the technique is called datamoshing. The technique itself seems pretty simple… just ignore the compression keyframes during playback.

This is absolutely HUGE news. If they were selling it in a glass bottle, I would have used 96 pt. But no matter… according to BevReview. Jones, Whole Foods, etc. The analysis is full of nice little tidbits about how Obama communicates and why people respond to him. His sample joke:. But the video is actually really nice and they use the compression in a non-obvious and clever way. Aaron Swartz has some interesting thoughts on non-hierarchical management in the workplace.

A better way to think of a manager is as a servant, like an editor or a personal assistant. The ideal manager is someone everyone would want to have. The CEO, who really does nothing, is of course at the bottom. Swartz also quotes a friend who believes that people who act like jerks in the workplace are not worth the trouble.

The boost in morale alone is worth it. A bad apple, at least at work, can spoil the whole barrel. Host Ira Glass talks to Will Felps, a professor at Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands, who designed an experiment to see what happens when a bad worker joins a team. Felps divided people into small groups and gave them a task. One member of the group would be an actor, acting either like a jerk, a slacker or a depressive.

And within 45 minutes, the rest of the group started behaving like the bad apple. Ted Orland, one of the authors and a working artist himself, describes the book thusly:. The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. All those on the left side of the studio, he said, would be graded solely on the quantity of work they produced, all those on the right solely on its quality. Well, came grading time and a curious fact emerged: the works of highest quality were all produced by the group being graded for quantity.

You should maybe 1-click that sucker right into your book-hole. He opens with:. Imagine proposing to build Vegas in a place where sex and drugs and rock and roll are an anathema.

This is effectively the proposition that created Dubai - it was a stupid idea before the crash, and now it is dangerous. In , John Howard Griffin altered his appearance to look like a black man and travelled through the South documenting his experiences , which he collected into a book called Black Like Me. My skin was dark. That was sufficient reason for them to deny me those rights and freedoms without which life loses its significance and becomes a matter of little more than animal survival. Nate Silver, who used polling statistics to predict a clear Obama win in the Presidential election in November, turns his analytical tools loose on the Oscars.

For example, is someone more likely to win Best Actress if her film has also been nominated for Best Picture? But the greatest predictor 80 percent of what you need to know is other awards earned that year, particularly from peers the Directors Guild Awards, for instance, reliably foretells Best Picture.

I suspect that the Oscars will prove more difficult to predict than the election and that Silver will be wrong in at least two categories. I will report back on Oscar night. Three different kinds of evidence all indicate the same thing: the nutrient value of UK and US fruits and vegetables has declined over the last years. This is particularly worrying:. Plantings of low- and high-yield cultivars of broccoli and grains found consistently negative correlations between yield and concentrations of minerals and protein, a newly recognized genetic dilution effect. Photographer Jesse Chan-Norris caught the aftermath of an attempted murder in Manhattan this morning.

From his Flickr page :. At am I was jolted out of sleep by a noise. I raced outside, I looked down, I saw the black car with its door open. I saw another car next to it. I saw the body in the middle of the street. I stood. I gawked. When he is on the court, his teammates get better, often a lot better, and his opponents get worse — often a lot worse. He also has a knack for getting the ball to teammates who are in a position to do the same, and he commits few turnovers.

On defense, although he routinely guards the N. There is a tension, peculiar to basketball, between the interests of the team and the interests of the individual. The game continually tempts the people who play it to do things that are not in the interest of the group. We had a point guard in Boston who refused to pass the ball to a certain guy. Take five guys, put them on a court, let them do whatever they think they need to do to get a larger contract next year, and maybe you get some pretty good results.

I give up. A collection of really interesting chemistry videos. An American Experience documentary about Walt Whitman is available for free online. The disappointing and boring presidency of Al Gore. Not only did the massive evacuation of New Orleans prove a costly and time-consuming overreaction, since the levees — fortified in — held up fine. The emergency management agency also took over 24 hours to set up trailers for evacuees along the Gulf Coast, leaving them without government housing assistance for a full day.

Among other things, he talks about two things that enabled the success of Pixar: the creative egalitarian dictatorship of John Lasseter and the ability of Steve Jobs to protect everyone from any outside business pressures and just create. Watch as he sings Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds , Mr. Tambourine Man , and Rocketman. Forget about knives, bats and fists. Bring a gun. Preferably, bring at least two guns. Bring all of your friends who have guns. Bring four times the ammunition you think you could ever need. Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.

Be polite. Be professional. But, have a plan to kill everyone you meet if necessary, because they may want to kill you. Regardless of whether justified of not, you will feel sad about killing another human being. It is better to be sad than to be room temperature. See all 28 rules here.

I find your lack of pants disturbing. Chewie and me got into a lot of pants more heavily guarded than this. I cannot teach him. The boy has no pants. In his pants you will find a new definition of pain and suffering. Here are two more videos that track the origins and breakdancing and hip-hop dancing in a slightly more formal manner: one , two. The wonderful free bikes program started 18 months ago in Paris has run into some trouble.

Over half the original fleet of 15, specially made bicycles have disappeared, presumed stolen. They have been used 42 million times since their introduction but vandalism and theft are taking their toll. The company which runs the scheme, JCDecaux, says it can no longer afford to operate the city-wide network. Last July, the city of Paris agreed to pay JCDecaux euros for every bike stolen in excess of four percent of the total fleet each year. Given the enormous popularity of Velib — users have taken 42 million rides since its debut — the cost of those payments is minimal.

Update: Late correction…the Paris program is, of course, not free. Baldwin gives Primer some much-deserved love, which is always appreciated around here. A lot of street dudes have paved the way and paid a hefty price for all of you to even be able to rock Lo and all those other name brands as well. This Lo movement officially started in And even before , the movement was in development. So what the fuck are you really saying? Word, it rules and laws to this shit.

The Warriors (1979) movie review - Sneak Previews with Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel

This aint no fly by night shit where u wake up one morning and decide to rock Lo like Kayne West did. That shit there is a fairy tale a lot of heads are living. Photo essay of how Japanese knives get made by hand. There is no doubt that these are the best knives in the world. Nothing comes close to them in terms of sharpness. With one of these knives, you could slice fish so thin you could read a whole chapter of La Physiologie du Gout through the slices. Earlier this month, I had the chance to see how knives are made in Japan like they have been for the last years.

A mass grave found during the excavation of a pyramid in Mexico City may contain the remains of the last Aztec warriors who fought Cortes and the Spanish. Guilliem said many burials have been found at the site with the remains of Indians who died during epidemics that swept the Aztec capital in the years after the conquest and killed off much of the Indian population. But those burials were mostly hurried, haphazard affairs in which remains were jumbled together in pits regardless of age or gender. The burial reported Tuesday is different. The dead had many of the characteristics of warriors: All were young men, most were tall and several showed broken bones that had mended.

September 22, 12222

The men also were carefully buried Christian-style, lying on their backs with arms crossed over their chests, though many appear to have been wrapped up in large maguey cactus leaves, rather than placed in European coffins. The mass grave contained evidence of an Aztec-like ritual in which offerings such as incense and animals were set alight in an incense burner, but Spanish elements including buttons and a bit of glass also were present.

The Ascent of Money is a two-hour documentary about the evolution of money and finance. As Kelly illustrates, the Amish use electricity, cell phones, cars and even the internet but their adoption of technology is not quick, they rent rather than buy e. This Friday, in addition to being Friday, is also Day. At pm EST on that day, the Unix time will be Unix time [is] defined as the number of seconds elapsed since midnight Coordinated Universal Time UTC of January 1, , not counting leap seconds.

It is widely used not only on Unix-like operating systems but also in many other computing systems. Vampire movies notwithstanding, Quentin always gets the benefit of the doubt from me so great it is. Myostatin is a protein that, along with its associated gene, limits the growth of muscle tissue in some mammals. The Belgian Blue cattle breed has a natural mutation of the gene associated with myostatin that supresses the protein, resulting in lean and heavily muscled cattle. A myostatin inhibiting drug called Stamulumab is currently undergoing testing for treating those with muscular dystrophy.

If approved, use and abuse by human athletes will surely follow.

We Are Chicago

Update: Stamulumab is no longer undergoing testing. But a pharmaceutical company called Acceleron is developing a similar drug called ACE The Virginia Quarterly Review has made available their entire archive of articles, poems, essays, and book reviews from to … all online and free to read for all. These two articles called out in the announcement caught my eye:. A mind-blowingly prescient prediction of Wikipedia, e-book readers, and political blogs from sociologist Irving Louis Horowitz back in This article will have to get a blog entry dedicated to it at some point.

An archive to add to the list. Howling Fantods has published an old interview of David Foster Wallace from A generous excerpt appears below:. One of the things you two will discover, in the years after you get out of school, is that managing to really be an alive human being, and also do good work and be as obsessive as you have to be, is really tricky. Or they simply disappear from the whole scene in their thirties or forties. Are you being too subtle or not subtle enough? I think people who congenitally drawn to this sort of profession are savants in certain ways and sort of retarded in certain other ways.

They have no idea what to say or do. Everything they say is edited and undercut by some sort of editor in themselves. I had no idea people were swimming across the entire Atlantic Ocean now. The first woman, a year-old from Colorado named Jennifer Figge, just completed the trip from the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa to Trinidad. But she made the trip in only 29 days, which has raised some questions as to how far she swam vs. The connoisseur picks out from the menu the girl of his choice, dressed either as a schoolgirl or office receptionist. This girl then beckons him through the window of a mock-up train carriage, which not only broadcasts station announcements, but even shakes and rattles.

Real-life incidents of subway train groping are on the decline, in part because more women are reporting them and the subway offering women-only cars during peak times. Every company is allowed one flashlight, but it better be the CEO. Week-long exclusive sponsorships of kottke. In sponsoring the feed, you get the chance to promote your company or product in a short post that will appear in the feed.

Last year at this time, people were saying that he was the best tennis player of all time. Now, near the top of his game and height of his powers, he might not even be the best current tennis player. And if you look at the statistics, Rafael Nadal may turn out to be the best tennis player ever.

Federer won his first Grand Slam title at age 21 and, by his 23rd birthday, had won two more. Sampras had won four by that age. Nadal is well ahead of that pace, having won his first Grand Slam at the precocious age of The Book Design Review has collected a number of book covers that feature books on them. Bob Woodward offers ten lessons that the Obama administration can learn from the eight long years that George W.

Bush held office. Tenet for their bottom-line recommendations. Instead of consulting his own father, former president George H. Exactly how long the prostitute, unbeknownst to my father, stayed at our house and slept in my bed is hard to gauge. The Trough of No Value is the period in the lifetime of most objects between when they are new and therefore valuable and when they are old, rare, and collectable and therefore valuable. Who wanted to keep old lunchboxes around? And, since they were almost all used for their intended purpose, many were damaged or worn by use I vaguely remember owning one that was rusty and had a dent.

People naturally threw them away. My unsharpened NeXT pencil is still very much stuck in the trough, but I have endless patience. I hope to sell it for 75 cents someday.

Just what has Eminem been doing for the past three years? According to this profile of the now-reclusive artist : recording. His new album, Relapse , is due out sometime in the next month or two. Elizabeh Gilbert talks about how to keep being creative in the face of success. Elizabeth Gilbert is a writer. Amazon announces the second version of the Kindle , their e-ink reading device.

In the method of turning into mythical, in addition they got here to grasp and love one another whereas carrying on with to place a stick within the eye. This is their humorous and interesting tale, as instructed via ratings of people that have been concerned with them and their express through the years. The piece initially seemed in print shape within the first factor of the newly introduced journal, "The Chicagoan. Josh Schollmeyer is an govt editor at Playboy. He received a countrywide journal Award as an editor on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

He lives in Chicago. Show description. That novel, Dracula, has long past directly to develop into possibly the main influential novel of all time. To commemorate the centennial of that groovy novel, Carol Margaret Davison has introduced jointly this choice of essays via many of the world's prime students. The essays examine Stoker's unique novel and rejoice its legacy in pop culture. From Amazon: "For Nick James, the pleasures and virtues of this movie are combined and intricate.

Nonfiction Books for E-Readers - Good Writing. Serious Reading - Now and Then

Its designated compositions and minimalist variety are entangled with a specific form of extravagant bombast. The complexities upload to the curiosity of this bold movie. Interesting, attractive and provocative. This finely researched research is a must-read for movie students, movie enthusiasts and an individual attracted to the religious dimensions of pop culture and well known leisure.